Kayaking is something special for us here at Hvar Adventure; for us it is pure love, and such a close and intimate connection to the sea. And in kayaking – as in every sport – there is always that spirit of adventure and an urge to push the boundaries and do something bigger and better, some new challenge…

The Island of Vis, standing proudly farthest from the coast of all the inhabited Croatian islands – in some mysterious and magical way – always seemed like a big challenge to us. This island, that was inhabited since the time of the Neolithic period, now has two towns, Vis and Komiza – located on opposite sides of the island. The island is also known as being an ex-military base, and it’s heart is deeply penetrated with numerous tunnels and bases. The open water surrounding this pristine island – because of its variable and changable weather conditions – is called “Vis Ocean”. Looking at it every day whilst kayaking past the Pakleni islands, the decision was finally made – we have to kayak from Hvar to Vis. With great respect to the Sea Gods we started our journey from Kržina Luka, and set off to our first destination on Vis, Stončica Bay. Finally arriving in Stončica, our kayaking adventure around Vis island started. The first day we followed the South coast of the island, passing by beautiful bays, and even a war with wasps in Vela Smokova Bay seemed like a game on this island of unspoiled nature.

The island of Vis has many islets surrounding it, and Budikovac was chosen as the place for us to spend our first night. The next day we continued our journey, following the South side of Vis, reaching another islet, Ravnik – home of the famous Green Cave. In the ceiling of the cave there is a hole, which, at noon, allows light to penetrate through it and creates a magical scene, bathing the interior in swathes of green and silver, making the place look like something from a fairy tale. Kayaking from Ravnik back to Vis, still following the South side, provided us with yet more amazing scenery – a 3km long stretch of cliffs, from Taleška Vela to Gnjilina Bay – breathtaking scenery that made us think for a few moments that we were in Cambodia or Thailand! Reaching the horn Stupišće, on the South West tip of the island, we called it a day, and found an abandoned military base house – where we stretched our hammocks and spent a night in complete silence and mystery.

Our final day started with kayaking to Komiža Bay. Visiting the picturesque old fishermens village of Komiža is always a pleasing experience, and fills us with warm feelings – arriving there by kayak, all the way from Hvar, felt really special for us! We continued our journey following the North coast of the island, passing by Tito’s war tunnels, and finally reaching the town of Vis. We were supposed to spend that night on the island, but beeing blessed with such great weather, we made our decision to kayak in the night from Vis back to Hvar. Kayaking in complete darkness and silence, whilst aiming for a tiny light in the distance, we reached Hvar after 3.5 hours – such time even some boats would be proud of! This adventure, and the amazing circle we made around the island of Vis, made us all think how much nature and kayaking can help us to appreciete this beautiful Adriatic jewel.

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