Croatia has such huge potential for hiking routes, due to its long summers, mild winters, and beautiful nature. At the moment (spring time) hiking is the perfect activity – temperatures are still not so high, the days are long, and nature is waking up all around us. On the islands there are so many unmarked routes that are still waiting for their paths to be walked through. This spring, members of the alpine societies Mosor, Split and Vis, were spending some time on the island of Hvar marking out new routes, that are now waiting for a last check from the officers of the HGSS – the Croatain mountain rescue society – and also the recording of these same routes with GPS, to make maps and improve Hvars active tourism offer. Hvar is such a beautiful island, offering such a variety of different experiences – from crystal seas, well known night life, and famous restaurants – to the chance of escaping deep into its heart, and discovering hidden ancient abandoned villages by hiking. Make sure if you visit this island to set aside some time for trekking!

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